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Solar Hot Water

The cost of heating your water consumes vast amounts of electricity or gas and represents a significant proportion of your household energy bill. By installing a solar hot water system can save your household up to 90% of your hot water bill which may be as much as 25% of your total energy cost; returning on average $600-$800 in direct savings annually. This savings amount will continue to increase as energy costs rise.

Clean N Free, located in Central West NSW, has a range of Solar Hot Water units that we have carefully selected for their suitability for our harsh environment, efficiency in hot water production and storage, market leading warranties and that represent the best value for money. All our systems are installed by qualified, experienced plumbers although you may choose to select your own plumber.

Government Incentives and Industry Rebates (Small Technology Certificates) are available to help offset the upfront costs of your system, making now the right time to consider switching to a Solar Hot Water System. STC rebates can be offered as a “point of sale” discount (conditions apply). Clean N Free will assist with all paperwork and government claim forms.

The axing of the Federal Solar Hot Water Rebate was anounced by "our friends" at the Department of Climate Change" at 4.55pm on Tuesday the 28th of February 2012 effective basically immediately, 4 months earlier than scheduled and without warning. Read the news article Wednesday's SMH or go to the official Department announcement

As of 29 February, 2012 Solar Hot Water Systems are eligible for around $1,000.00 in STCs depending on the make and model. As the value of STCs varies this amount also varies. Ask us how much and whether or not you you are eligible for this discount.

Our Solar Hot Water Systems are approved by the Office of The Registrar of Renewable Energy. Click here to view the list. Click here for STC calculator.
Where possible an onsite evaluation will be conducted to assess which system is right for you.

Installing a Solar Hot Water System will save you money, add value to your premises and reduce green house gases and your carbon footprint.

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