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How Much will Solar Power Save Me?

On average an Australian household consumes around 18 - 20kWh per day. For some this is much greater, for some less.

The solar system you choose will depend greatly on the type of metering (Nett or Gross), what Feed in Tariff is available from your energy retailer and on how much of your electricity bill you wish to offset, partially or totally. It is your kilowatt usage (listed on your bill) not the dollar figure that you need to look at.
Remember under NETT metering, that with a zero dollar FIT you will only get benefit from the energy you use while it is being created (daylight hours). Excess will not be credited in any way to offset night time usage. With a dollar for dollar FIT (what you pay is what you get paid per kilowatt) all excess daytime generation would offset night time use. It may be necessary for you to read your meter every morning and evening for a few weeks to determine daily versus nightly energy usage patterns.

Once you understand your usage patterns, metering and FIT and have decided how much of your bill you wish to offset you then need to consider all aspects of your site and what level of performance you will get out of a system. To do this accurately Clean N Free will need to do an onsite evaluation.

Not until all these variables are known can you accurately assess what savings you will make. Having a look at Google Earth and plucking a figure out of the air is not going to provide you with the information you need.

Please note: Feed in Tariffs vary from time to time, retailer to retailer and state to state so your benefit needs to be assessed at the time of quotation. Clean N Free offer this service as part of the process.

Request a quote from Clean N Free to receive a Solar Buyers Checklist that provides a far more comprehensive outline of the whole process and relevant issues.