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How Much Power will I Generate?

Clean N Free source only the best Monocrystaline solar panels. Monocrystaline panels provide a very consistent overall output with a higher efficiency than other types of panels. Our range of panels maintain their output to at least 80% of their original power even after 25 years of warranty. Coupled with leading brand inverters, they will outperform most other brands as temperatures range from below zero to over 50ºC, generating you more power.

System output not only depends on your panels and inverter but also factors such as cable length and gauge, shading, orientation, tilt and the amount of sun available in your area. These are all factors Clean N Free measure before quoting a Solar Power System so as to provide an accurate output and therefore, return on your investment.

Output is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh) – the number of kilowatts generated by the number of hours of usable sunlight.

The table below shows the average daily solar energy production of some common grid-connected systems throughout Australia.

Average Daily Solar Energy Production



1 kW system

1.5 kW system

2 kW system

3 kW system

4 kW system

3.9 kWh 5.85 kWh 7.8 kWh  11.7 kWh 15.6 kWh
Melbourne 3.6 kWh 5.4 kWh 7.2 kWh  10.8 kWh 14.4 kWh
Brisbane 4.2 kWh 6.3 kWh 8.4 kWh 12.6 kWh 16.8 kWh
Adelaide 4.2 kWh 6.3 kWh 8.4 kWh 12.6 kWh 16.8 kWh
3.5 kWh  5.25 kWh 7.0 kWh 10.5 kWh 14 kWh
4.4 kWh 6.6 kWh 8.8 kWh 13.2 kWh 17.6 kWh
4.4 kWh 6.6 kWh 8.8 kWh  13.2 kWh 17.6 kWh

Data Source: PV-GC spreadsheet based on the CEC GC Design Guidelines

This table shows that the amount of sun available varies from place to place. Don’t forget that output will also vary depending on your installation and the quality and suitability of your system.

Clean N Free can give you accurate output figures for your system based on your specific location.