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Air Conditioning


Clean N Free is part of the Temperzone and Hitachi Residential Dealer Network.

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Our licensed refrigeration mechanics have been installing Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning units throughout Western NSW for over 20 years and being part of the Hitachi Residential Dealer Network means we can offer our customers what we believe are one of the best products on the market.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning is really the only cooling option for the majority of Australian homes and offices. It is the only system that provides real climate control for your home. In addition to reducing the air temperature it reduces the humidity.

Evaporative cooling units are sometimes offered as an alternative to air conditioning. They reduce the temperature by increasing the humidity and only work in areas where humidity is normally very low. In very high humidity they don’t provide any cooling at all and may actually make it feel warmer.

Reverse cycle Air conditioning is one of the most energy efficient ways to heat your home. It is more energy efficient than gas heating and much more energy efficient than a slow combustion stove or free standing electrical heaters.

Through its extensive research and development, Hitachi has remained at the forefront of the air-conditioning industry with a wide range of models available in the market. New technological breakthroughs allow Hitachi to provide high quality, efficient and reliable air conditioning solutions. Both Temperzone and Hitachi have a long reputation for quality product, service and after sales service. For both companies Quality is much more than just a policy, it’s the underlying philosophy of how they do business. For you the consumer, this means you can be assured that if you buy either a Temperzone or Hitachi product you are purchasing quality that starts with the design and continues all the way through manufacture to installation and after sales service by Temperzone's Residential Dealer Network.


Both Temperzone and Hitachi offer a 5 year parts and labour warranty on all domestic air conditioning systems installed by a Temperzone accredited dealer or installer.

Spare Parts

If you ever require spare parts for either Temperzone or Hitachi air conditioners you will be pleased to know that a comprehensive range of parts is readily available through Temperzone's national network. This means parts for, even for older units are available anywhere in Australia in at most a few days.