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About Us

Based in Dubbo NSW, Clean N Free Pty Ltd are your local CEC Accredited Solar Power, Solar Hot Water, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration specialists.
We are not a front for an anonymous National or International group with an agenda to promote masses of cheap imports from companies selling products below production costs.
Unlike most of our competitors:

  • We don’t do the hard sell!
  • We don’t offer gimmicks!
  • We do provide the information you need to make the right purchase decision
  • and back that up with the most efficient products best suited to our environment.

We liken purchasing renewable energy products similar to purchasing any other important item like, let’s say, a new car. If you were buying a new car, how many questions would you consider other than the price, before making a decision...and would you still then buy the cheapest one you see? Similar considerations should be made when looking at solar or air conditioning etc.

The most important thing for consumers is to find someone who knows the questions and the answers.

Our philosophy is to individually assess your needs, educate you as much as possible in the issues facing you and the products available, to then tailor a solution that best suits your requirements.

Our range of products has been specifically selected for their:

  • quality
  • reliability
  • warranties
  • and suitability to our harsh environment.

We believe that getting the right advice and making the best purchasing decision up front could not only save you a lot of hassle but save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run.

Our focus is to give you the greatest return on your investment not to sell you the cheapest stuff on the market. We pride ourselves in doing the right thing by you.
Clean N Free has a team of courteous, qualified, experienced tradespeople guaranteeing you timely, top quality installations that adhere to all industry standards.

Obligation free advice, onsite inspections and quotes are available by contacting David or Martin at Clean N Free in Dubbo, NSW on 02 6882 2380 or contact us

Spend less on power and more on you, while doing your bit for our environment.